Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A New Life and A Great Adventure

We are on the brink of new life...we have been through much and I honestly believe that we are at the threshold of a new life of blessings.  I am holding tight to this hope.  My husband was offered a job which would include a move to an area that is quite depressing for me..the high desert.  But, there is an area at the entrance of the desert that is actually a mile high into the San Gabriel mountains.  You leave the cacti and sandstone rock cliffs and enter into sweet smelling conifers, cabins and simple mountain living. My Hubby and I decided that if we had to move that would be our choice location so this past weekend we packed up the kids and went on a short car trip to visit this tiny town of 4,000 people to see if this New Life would be a good change for us.

As soon as we entered the town we were smitten.  Life just seems so much slower, something that I have always wanted.  I'm not a city girl in the slightest I love old fashion living, traditional living and since I was a little girl loved the idea of a small town.  It came no surprise to me that I instantly felt like I was home.

There is not much there.  A couple small local banks, no Bank of America or Chase or even a fast food joints.  Everything is local and rural even the grocery store is privately owned.  At lunch the waitress, even tho she was busy stopped to chat with us, the owner of the cafe came by our table to say hi and even tho we had two little ones who were a bit impatient no one gave us dirty looks our made us feel bad that we dared to bring our toddlers in public to eat! How dare we!

I certainly felt like we were making a good change and as we saw snow patches on the sides of the roads and smelt the chimney smoke from the wood burning stoves my Hubby and I smiled with a giddiness that we haven't experienced in a long time.

As we stopped at an outlook surveying the ski resort slopes and let the kiddo's run around in the snow I realized that it will be a whole other life for us.  Although we only currently live less than 2 hours from the town we live in the valley and there are no seasons.  We don't own "winter" clothing, maybe a slightly warmer jacket than a hoodie and as I precariously jumped over muddy pathways and sloshed in melted snow I realized that I don't even own a boot suitable for this type of living.  There will be some big changes but I'm eager to get them underway.

I've realized many of the furniture we own would be too big and bulky in a small cabin and I've started to contemplate how to shift my style for mountain living; more rustic, more earthy, warm and inviting.  I'm excited and I think the change will be good for our family, especially our children.

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