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Purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc. (dictionary.com)

What is my purpose?

God gives each one of us unique gifts.  Some gifts are in the arts,  some are finances, some are just with developing relationships and some are sharing or teaching.  Some gifts are marketable like creating beautiful objects that bring people happiness and some gifts are quiet, creating a warm and inviting home for their family and friends.  The point is ALL women have gifts.

Some women spend much of their time thinking they have no gifts, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  The problem is not that they missed that blessing from God, but perhaps they view their own talents in light of others  abilities and short change themselves. They see a talented crafty woman with hundreds of followers on their blog, a book deal and booming business and think, I can do that.  They try and try, but it might not be their calling and they get frustrated, spending much time and so much energy chasing after an idea that they want to follow the success of some one else.  They can't!  No two people were created a like.  No two people have the same collection of skills and so there is no A-B-C to finding your purpose on  your own.

Really understanding yourself is a matter of discovering who you are in Christ.  When you stop looking in this world for your gifts and are thankful for all things that you are and do, Christ will reveal your purpose.

Personally, this is a something I've been spending a lot of time recently devoted to, finding and honing my God given gifts.  I know that he is leading me down the right path.  I know this because I have a burning and all consuming need to keep looking.  Also, as I practice and talk to others and share my passion doors have begun to open in very surprising places.

Self discovery is a journey.  It changes and evolves with time.  As each new challenge or opportunity presents itself we discover, often, something new about us.  A strength we never knew, a desire that is newly formed.  This blog is me; multifaceted, ever-changing and honest, a little depth mixed with spirit and silliness.  I hope you enjoy.


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  1. On your blog, you refer to your son as "Little Man" and your daughter as "Little Mama". Why don't you refer to your son as "Little Papa" or your daughter as "Little Woman"?