Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wardrobe First Purchase

Okay I made my first purchase.  Here is what I bought:

Wardrobe First Purchase

Wardrobe First Purchase by hotmama2u79 featuring gap pants

GAP long sleeve t shirt
$9.99 -

GAP t shirt
$15 -

Gap pants
$20 -

Gap pants
$40 -

GAP pencil skirt
$50 -

Kind of boring right?  Well, I know but that is why they call them BASICS.  Now, I know Modern Retro Woman is going to be teed-off, but I HAD to take advantage of the killer deal Gap was running.  Plus, Dr. Julie-Ann's help I'm sure these will be great foundation pieces to build a killer wardrobe on.  I chose these basics carefully, because I like vintage styles I picked vintage classic  silhouettes the wide leg trouser from the 40s and early 50s, the pencil skirt and cropped trousers very easily can become vintage inspired pieces.  The tees, well I needed some basic tees and both would look great with jeans or full and A-line skirts.  So, what do you think did I do well?  For $103 I think I did fantastic!

BUDGET TIP:  Keep in mind the items that you want BEFORE you shop the sale and clearance aisle, never just browse the rack because that is how you end up buying unnecessary items.  They seem like a good deal that you can't pass up and then they end up sitting in your closet and wasting money.  I knew I wanted to buy each of these items (even if they were just generalized ideas) so when I hit the sale section and saw that that my size was available I snatched them up, plus I took advantage of Free Shipping (by waiting a few extra days for ground) and used their store wide sale to combine my savings.  The cropped leg trouser I got for $14 marked down from $60.00.


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  1. *laugh* Nope, not teed-off :) They look like a good foundation for a wardrobe.