Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Nerd

I'm the Saver in our marriage.  I'm also the nerd  (see Dave Ramsey for a full explanation).  Sometimes I feel like my Hubby and I are polar opposites when it comes to finances and our communication about said topic is terrible (working on that).  That being said, I am a budget maven.  Nothing gets me more excited than a well planned excel sheet complete with bar graphs.  I could spend hours "tweaking" the budget just to see the possible outcomes. My Hubby is a Fly by the Seat of Your Pants kind of guy.  He spends impulsively, rarely looks at the actual number in the account and figures as long as there is money in there then he can buy freely.

This is the cause of many arguments.  Many.  

I see living on a budget two ways.  One, I love the thrill of the game of beating the budget.  Secondly, it's a comfort for me to spend money knowing that I'm not going to be in trouble a few weeks from now when the light bill comes in.  If I have money for the light bill I can just pay it and that gives me freedom to feel good about buying a new pair of shoes.  Being on a budget teaches patience.  I really want a certain bedspread from Target, I have been waiting for it to go on sale, I keep checking circulars and checking the price whenever I do go into the store.  I could buy it full price, but I KNOW it's going to go on sale which will allow me to put the extra money towards some other area in the budget, there is nothing wrong with my bedding now so I will continue to wait.  Living on a budget also helps develop creativity.  You really start thinking outside of the box when you want something you can't afford.  It fosters a whole other lifestyle.  The idea of sustainability, growing your own food, living off of less, re-purposing items all are developed from having to learn to live within your means.  I haven't thrown away a jelly or pickle jar in over 6 months.  They get washed the label peeled and filled with dried beans, cleaning supplies, pasta, art supplies, pens you name it!  Thrift stores become your friend!  A bucket of paint, staple gun and a super glue can do wonders.

Are you the Saver or the Spender in your family?


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