Monday, January 23, 2012


"She watches over the ways of her household..."  Proverbs 31:27

Now this my friends can be a big task.  Just this past weekend my Hubby and I got into a major fight.  We got in a fight because there were two particular events I was scheduled for that he completely forgot about.  Because he forgot, my plans were a bit of a wreck and I in turn (because us women do this) convinced myself that he just didn't care enough about my plans and he therefore must have done this on purpose to ruin my life (or is that just me?).  I was fuming mad and because I was mad I had a very hard time adjusting to the change of events and going with the flow.  How could he forget, I mean I had been talking about the events non stop, honestly I really think when I talk to him I must sound like the adults on The Peanuts to him. This afternoon being a sweetie that he can be he brought me a yummy healthy lunch (because he knows I'm on a diet) and had lunch with me and the kids to make up for it and to prove that he really cares about what is important to me.

So, when a woman gets mad she does 1 of 2 things:  throws something, or takes care of business.

So since I was past option 1 and I knew that wasn't going to get me anywhere I decided to make a commitment to my family and start to take care of every one's business.  This led me to a very cool site I would love to share called Cozi.  If you have been on this site you probably love it, if not I strongly suggest you try it out.

Cozi is everything I ever wanted to be; the chart-making-color-coding-hyper-organized mama, only it's so much easier to fake it!  Here are my top 10 highlights of the program:

1. It's FREE.  Yay!  For the Budget Maven that is a beautiful word.
2. They have tons of great practical tips and articles about parenting, cleaning, decorating etc.
3. You can color code you family members and update them via email or text message reminders of the whole family's schedule.  You can even update changes as they happen!
4. There are check off lists for shopping and TO DOs which can also be emailed or texted to your phone and it even makes a sound when you check off that item (so satisfying for a gal like me)
5. You can get a weekly schedule updated to you and your family members for a week in advance.
6. When scheduling an appointment, guess what?? You can actual add the location which will bring up map quest, like when you get lost for the billionth time trying to get to your son's dentist....(or is that only me?)
7. You can link your calendar directly to your kid's school website and all the important date like holidays and vacations are automatically linked and filled in.
8.  You can even include pets and give them their own color for Vet appointments and grooming dates.
9.  They have a feature for meal planning that can be converged with your family's schedule (which is so cool it deserves it's own post)
10. My favorite thing is the family journal section.  In the Journal you can set up little memories of the events that are scheduled in your calendar (like birthdays, park days whatever) or you can just add fun memories.  You can upload picture to go along with the memory and then you can actually schedule an automatic email to go out to your contact list, out-of-state grandmas and grandpas, aunts, family members, friends whomever you choose.  They can be kept updated with the going-on of your busy family.

I highly recommend this program.  If you are already using Cozi I would LOVE to hear your experiences with it.  With Cozi you can be a Type A Mom too!


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  1. I am going to have a wee look at the site now! Thank you sweets...oh and all stuff, no you are definitely NOT the only one x