Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Most Important Love

I am on a journey.  At the beginning of the year I had several different generalized resolutions but as the month has gone on and as the days pass I am realizing that it all boils down to one resolution really.  That is to love myself. 

I knew that it was a problem, not loving myself, but I never knew how big of a problem it was and how large the impact it had on my life and my relationship with others.  I always had this nagging feeling that I should spend more time/money/effort on myself, but that feeling was always counteracted by this nagging sense that I am a mom and my responsibilities are to give to my children.  If I didn't buy myself XXX then I could give XXX to my daughter or son.

I was raised in a family where Mom made many sacrifices.  I watched Mom give up hobbies and passions for us kids and although I was proud of the things my mom accomplished and loved and I knew that it wasn't right for her to give up so much, somehow I came out of it doing the exact same thing with my own family.  I was raised believing that beauty is more than skin deep, and well that is true.  But where did I learn that it wasn't important at all?  I felt that by giving and giving of myself, my time and energy I was being a good mom.  That is until I ran myself into the ground.

Last year was a difficult long year and I am so glad that it is behind me.  I embraced 2012 as a fresh start and a chance to change things and to really embrace and take a stance against what was holding me back.  I thought I knew what the problems were.  I thought I had pin-pointed exactly where I had gone wrong, but as I started to make changes old familiar feelings started coming back and I was paralyzed to make a difference.

I realized, with some help, that the challenges that I had were only symptoms of a sickness that is bone deep.  So deep in fact, that I wasn't even aware of the real issue.  That issue is that I just don't love myself.  I always put myself last if at all.

Source: via Caro on Pinterest

As I've become aware of this I've tried to make changes.  I will tell you it is not easy.  This afternoon, for example, I wanted to spend some time to myself shopping.  There wasn't anything in particular that I was in search for (rarely do I just shop, unless list is in hand).  First I had trouble asking for my Hubby to stay with the kids.  I actually felt guilty asking and it took some time before I actually did get around to asking.  Of course he was supportive and had no problem giving me some time to myself, but I had mounted in my head all of these terrible reasons why I shouldn't leave ranging from my son has a slight cold and needs me to we don't have money to spend.  He practically had to push me out the door.  In the driveway, engine running I just sat there in the car.  I knew I didn't really need anything and so once again like a ping pong ball I went back and forth justifying what I was going to do.  I honestly felt paralyzed by fear!  I knew I had to break through it so I just backed up the car and started driving.  I eliminated the choice of giving up.

I had no place to go in particular but I drove around the block until I decided to visit a little vintage shop that I had been in once long ago.  I bought myself a little necklace.  It was the first thing I saw when I walked through the door and it just caught my eye, she was so adorable. I bought myself something and didn't even think twice about it.  I didn't think if it was practical or how many gallons of milk or eggs the money would buy.  I immediately snatched it up.  I spent the rest of the time making peace with the peace of being by myself; being alone.  I looked through vintage dishes and embroidered tea towels, books and little vintage toys.  I cleared my mind and just enjoyed being with me.  I didn't have to worry about the kids breaking things or chasing them down or getting out of the shop as quick as possible to avoid a melt down and suddenly I felt very unburdened.  As soon as I put the necklace on in the car on my way home I felt the weight of the tiny rhinestones and silver and I felt peace and pride.  It was a first step in a journey of learning about one of the greatest loves of all.


  1. Best wishes in your search. Your blog is lovely and I'm your newest follower.